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Campsites with ECOCAMPING advocate - for the environment and for their guests. So you can benefit from:

  • Sustainable behaviour: You spend your holiday with a host who is committed to the environment and quality. So you can make a major contribution.
  • Comfort: Modern, energy-efficient technology and the use of renewable energy can increase your comfort.
  • Stable prices: Due to the efficient use of water and energy the hosts can keep stable overnight prices.
  • Closeness to nature: a natural place design protects biodiversity and increases your quality of stay.
  • Quality and service: Many of the campsites carry out guest surveys to better cater to your wishes. The campsites want to ensure complete satisfaction.

A continuing improvement of the environment, quality and safety is a precondition for the ECOCAMPING labelling. The campsites will be checked out through regular consultations on the campsite. Improvement measures are individually planned and will be the goals for the coming years.  The measurements of the campsites ranging from well-organized waste sorting, nature adventure actions to the use of energy-saving technology and solar panels to generate electricity or hot water. All is represented.

Around 240 campsites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia carry the ECOCAMPING labelling. They are marked in the BVCD-Camping-Guide and the BVCD-Online-Search with the ECOCAMPING logo.