The EFCO & HPA (European Federation of Camping Site Organisation & Holiday Park Association) represent camping entrepreneurs Europe-wide, as long as their national associations are organised within the EFCO & HPA. Currently, there are 23 European countries, of which 18 are EU-Members, organized within the EFCO & HPA. In total, the federations represent the interests of over 20,000 leisure parks within Europe. Around 23% of all overnight stays take place at member camping sites of the EFCO & HPA.

The goal of the EFCO & HPA is to defend the interests of the sector by positioning representatives in European organizations (European Council, European Commission, and European Parliament) and to ensure that the interests of the sector are taken into account in important decision making.

The BVCD e.V. itself is a member of the EFCO & HPA and participates in regular assemblies.

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