The BVCD e.V. (Federal Association of the Camping Economy in Germany) and DTV e.V. (German Tourism Association) have provided a classification system for more than ten years. The classification system was founded to improve and assure quality in regard to infrastructure and services on camping sites and leisure facilities within Germany.

The guidelines and assessment criteria were developed by the BVCD e.V. and the DTV e.V. in cooperation with practitioners and consumer associations in the year 2000. The assessment criteria is constantly adapted to meet changing demands.

Camping sites that undergo the classification procedure by choice have the possibility to be awarded with a maximum of five stars. The rating of all areas of classification are reviewed every three years.

Assessment Criteria

Camping sites that feature the official stars of the BVCD/DTV camping site classification offer certificated quality in the following areas:

  • Reception and service
    e.g. size, accessibility, guest information, foreign languages, counselling, access control, service, gastronomy, vending
  • Sanitary facilities
    e.g. state of repair, tiled walls and floors, basins, showers with hot water, toilet facilities, indoor climate, lighting, cleanliness, laundry dryer, washing machines, cooking facilities, sanitary area for wheelchair users, disposal of waste
  • Pitches
    e.g. total available area per pitch, connection to power, fresh and waste water connection “interfaces”  for caravans and motor homes, organization of the camping ground, organization of pitches, group campgrounds, main paths, overall condition of pitches and paths

What the stars mean (* up to ***** stars)

  • Simple *
    Simple and functional in terms of facilities and overall impression.
  • Functional **
    Functional and basic in terms of facilities and overall impression, average comfort, good quality facilities.
  • Comfortable ***
    An overall impression of good comfort. Facilities are comfortable and have higher standards of quality
  • First-class ****
    First-class in terms of facilities and overall impression with a high standard of comfort. High quality standards and well-kept facilities.
  • Exclusive ****
    An overall impression of high-class comfort. Spacious facilities with very high quality standards.

Camping sites interested in becoming certified or receiving a follow-up certification can contact their respective national association or the office of the BVCD.


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