Especially for a form of holiday close to nature such as camping, the sustainability aspect plays an important role. However, sustainable campsites are not only attractive for environmentally conscious campers, but also have positive side effects for the business itself. Presented below you will find all you need to know about about sustainability on campsites and how the association contributes to climate protection.

Your guide to a sustainable campsite

To facilitate climate protection for campsites, the ECOCAMPING initiative has created a guide to help campsites on their way to sustainability. The guide presents a wide range of environmentally friendly measures in the areas of buildings, energy sources, management and more, which can also be implemented by smaller campsites. The path to a sustainable campsite is thus open to every campsite operator.

The guide can be downloaded for free in our BVCD-Shop


Campsites with ECOCAMPING advocate - for the environment and for their guests. So you can benefit from:

  • Sustainable behaviour: You spend your holiday with a host who is committed to the environment and quality. So you can make a major contribution.
  • Comfort: Modern, energy-efficient technology and the use of renewable energy can increase your comfort.
  • Stable prices: Due to the efficient use of water and energy the hosts can keep stable overnight prices.
  • Closeness to nature: a natural place design protects biodiversity and increases your quality of stay.
  • Quality and service: Many of the campsites carry out guest surveys to better cater to your wishes. The campsites want to ensure complete satisfaction.

A continuing improvement of the environment, quality and safety is a precondition for the ECOCAMPING labelling. The campsites will be checked out through regular consultations on the campsite. Improvement measures are individually planned and will be the goals for the coming years.  The measurements of the campsites ranging from well-organized waste sorting, nature adventure actions to the use of energy-saving technology and solar panels to generate electricity or hot water. All is represented.

Around 240 campsites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia carry the ECOCAMPING labelling. They are marked in the BVCD-Camping-Guide and the BVCD-Online-Search with the ECOCAMPING logo.

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"Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt" - we are supporters!

The BVCD is a proud supporter of the "Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt". The aim of this forum is to contribute to the implementation of the National Strategy on Biological Diversity through shared economic, ecological and social values and thus to strengthen the diversity of species and natural areas in Germany.

For further information visit:  „Unternehmen Biologischer Vielfalt“.

How our supporting members contribute to climate protection

Our supporting members are also committed to climate protection and offer sustainable industry solutions to campsites.

Sustainable disposable products for camping holidays? Yes, they exist! Only sustainable, renewable raw materials are used for the PAPSTAR range. The biodegradable disposable tableware meets certified standards and thus protects health and the environment. In addition to the consistent use of renewable raw materials - also with regard to product developments requested by customers - sustainable recycling concepts in the sense of the cradle-to-cradle principle are part of the range of services offered by the newly founded PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH.

At ATB Water, everything revolves around the environmentally friendly treatment and recycling of waste water. Since 1999, ATB Water has been committed to the conservation of water resources and supports campsites with its treatment systems in the planning and implementation of sustainable wastewater concepts.

Environmentally friendly bathing experiences in fully biologically purified swimming and bathing waters is what the German Society for Natural Bathing Waters (DGfnB) specialises in. The DGfnB promotes the distribution of swimming ponds with biological water treatment, that are aimed at promoting and sustainably maintaining ecological balance.

Knaus Tabbert AG also attaches great importance to sustainability in the production of recreational vehicles. Not only are employees continuously trained on topics such as environmental awareness and energy efficiency, but the company's headquarters also has specially created biotopes to compensate for the production areas. Furthermore, Knaus Tabbert is working on making the recreational vehicles even lighter, quieter and more environmentally friendly in the future.

High-quality outdoor furniture made from sustainably grown plantation teak is available from, a brand of Ploss & Co. GmbH. The manufacturer has joined three sustainable organisations to ensure sustainable forestry and improved working conditions in factories and farms.

WeWash enables campsites to provide sustainable and user-friendly washrooms for their guests. The machines used by WeWash are characterised by low energy and water consumption. Furthermore, the company is oriented towards the circular economy - the system is oriented towards reprocessing, recycling and reuse, thus giving washing machines a second life cycle.

The tent construction company YAKONE has pledged itself entirely to the sustainability concept. On the one hand, the dome tents are only produced regionally in Germany, using sustainably grown wood from Brandenburg. For another, the company itself pays attention to environmental standards when transporting the tents to events and offers customers the choice of sustainable material transport by Deutsche Bahn.