Quality is an important factor that drives business – this is also accounts for the camping industry. To respond to the high quality demands, camping entrepreneurs within Germany are continuously adapting their offerings to meet new standards.

Standardization / a systematic approach helps to define quality according to set criteria and communicate this directly to guests. Classification facilitates such a system.

The Classification System

The quality of tourist products is defined and rated with the help of a classification system. Every category of the classification system defines a certain level of quality that guests can expect to find. Depending on which and how many criteria are fulfilled by a service, the service is assigned to a class and given a rating (such as 1-5 stars) or a certain category name.

Aim of the classification system from an entrepreneur’s point of view

As an umbrella organisation, the BVCD e.V. aims to achieve the following by establishing a classification system:

  • Set criteria to form a standardized measurement of quality for the sector
  • Raise awareness for the importance of quality among stakeholders
  • Improve and assure quality in regard to infrastructure and services at camping grounds and leisure facilities within Germany
  • Facilitate higher transparency by allowing services to be evaluated and compared according to standardized criteria